An Example of the Embedded Resolution Process

The Tree of Charts

Some Pictures

The following images illustrate those charts which are marked in red in the above tree of charts.

Original Singularity V(z2-x2y2) original singularity
Original Singularity
with Hypersurface of Maximal Contact (green)
and Descent in Dimension
maximal contact descent
chosen center: point (0,0,0)
After First Blow-Up (Blow-up 1, Chart 1) after 1 blow-up descent
chosen center: red line
After Second Blow-Up (Blow-up 2, Chart 1) after 2 blow-ups
chosen center: line
After Subsequent Blow-Up (Blow-up 4, Chart 1-1) after 3 blow-ups resolution finished

Anne Fruehbis-Krueger
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